Question everything

Q&A by Filep Motwary
Q&A Series by Filep Motwary
Curator, photographer, blogger and costume designer Filep Motwary, conducted a series of interviews with top opinion leaders in fashion
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Danilo Venturi opinions on PolimodaMAG
Building Bridges Manifesto
Answers have not to be found in [lie]braries
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Wear nothing

Linda Loppa insights on PolimodaMAG - Functional Clothing
Functional Clothing
Considering the clear purpose of clothing for movement and modesty, and the recent popularity of sportswear and its many variations, we must consider the origins of this thinking and design
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Danilo Venturi opinions on PolimodaMAG
The Sound of Fashion
The power of sound to evoke subjects, scenarios, actions, relationships, environments, metaphors, myths and tales, so basically all a fashion collection can represent and all a fashion brand can be
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PolimodaMag has a vision to create content that’s original and critical. It acts to contribute to conversations on fashion by challenging well held beliefs because change is essential. Moving​ the status quo is the only way to innovate, ​and with quality writing, in​ depth analyses disrupt ​the​ conventionally ephemeral fashion media.

Writers, photographers and illustrators are experienced or just starting out. As long as their voices are original, developed and passionate, they have space here.


Editor – Sophie Joy Wright

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